Your Dream is our Mission.

With almost 30 years combined legal experience, Templo & Templo, founded by attorneys Marie Templo-Capule and Michael Templo, aims to provide U.S. immigration assistance to those who are interested in coming to the United States on a temporary or permanent basis.

We Give Importance To Personal Client Contact

At Templo & Templo, we are committed to providing effective legal services by maintaining close personal client contact. The success of our clients’ immigration applications provides a foundation on which we build our reputation. We have successfully handled hundreds of immigration cases since 2006. Currently, the firm has offices in both coasts of the U.S. and two offices in Manila, Philippines.

Our Clients Are Our Number One Priority

We make our clients’ satisfaction our number one priority by providing world-class services. Many retain our firm because we are hands on with the cases we handle and have competent and properly trained support staff. Immigration laws and procedures are so complex and constantly changing that only well-trained attorneys are competent to handle such complex matters.

Open Communication With The Client Is A Critical Factor

Every effort is made to communicate with the clients because this is a critical factor in the success of the case. At Templo & Templo, we respond immediately to the client’s concerns and keep clients informed of the progress of their case.